If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader.
                                                              -John Quincy Adams


 Leadership Roles

  • Regiment Commander - C/LTC Mauricio Hernandez
    1. Responsibilities for the training, administration, morale, disciplines, esprit, de-crops, and overall performance of the Regiment.
    2. Sets the example for the Regiment in appearance, conduct, attitude, bearing, tact, discipline, integrity, and performance.
    3. Responsible for advance coordination with the SAI on all matters pertaining to policy and procedure for the Regiment.
    4. Exercises command of the Regiment through proper use of the chain of command and within the policies and guidelines established by the SAI.
    5. Trains and develops the Regiment Executive Officer. Insures that the XO is kept current of the Regimental plans and operations to facilitate the smooth transition of assumption of command should it become necessary.

Regiment Executive Officer  - C/MAJ Ivonne Vazquez
This Cadet is the senior member of the Regimental staff and in that capacity is the supervisor of all staff members. as second in command of the Regiment, the XO will render to the commander that assistance necessary and appropriate. The XO will coordinate the efforts of the Regimental staff in the order that the staff complies with the instructions of the commander.

Regiment S-1 (Adjutant) - C/CPT Claudia Zamudio
This staff officer is responsible for a variety of administrative functions which include but are not limited to maintenance of cadet records, publishing and posting of orders, computation and reporting of the end of the month strength report, and other duties as specified by the chain of command to include supervision of the Battalion S-1s.

Regiment S-2 (Technology Officer) - C/CPT Earvin Montano
This staff officer is responsible for all the Regiment's computer operations, (includes hardware and software). The S-2 trains company video and camera operators to function as recorders for company activities, in support of their duties. The S-2 will also functio as the Regiment's official photographer. The S-2 will compile and edit the video footage to produce the Regimental video. He/She will also maintain and update Regimental website.


Regiment S-3 (Operations and Training Officer) - C/CPT Cassandra Hughes
This staff officer is responsible for all aspects at this Regiment's operations and training. The S-3 will type and post the weekly training schedules for the Regiment using the approved Master Training Schedule as the base document. The S-3 manages this Regiments "Best Company Competition Program" insuring that company commanders have the materials and information required to compete. The S-3 will keep the competition board current and posted. The S-3 will publish Operations Orders when necessary. The S-3 will be prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the executive officer, should the XO need to assume the duties of the Regimental Commander. As such, the S-3 is the third in command of the Regiment.

Regiment S-4 (Supply Officer) - C/MAJ Marcela Gutierrez
This staff officer is responsible for cadet supervision of the supplies/equipment within the Regiment. The S-4 is responsible for orderly storage, timely issue, recovery, and maintenance of the Cadet Supply Records. He/she will in cooperation with the assistant instructor assigned to advise them conduct periodic inventories. The S-4 will provide to the Battalions, through their Battalion S-4's requested supplies. This officer is also responsible for supervision of the Battalion S-4s.

Regiment S-5 (Public Information/Membership Officer) - C/1LT Mayra Cornejo
This staff officer is responsible for all aspects of public information and public relations regarding the cadet Regiment. The S-5 is additionally directly responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing the Regimental recruiting efforts. The S-5 will publish the monthly newsletter, post appropriate information in the schools daily announcements, effect liaison with the school newspaper, the yearbook staff, as well as the local news/media agencies. The S-5 will also establish and maintain the annual scrapbook, as well as assisting in keeping current the battalion's ALUMNI Book and Visitor's Book.

Regiment Command Sergeant Major - C/CSM Jenneilyn Beltejar
The CSM is the senior enlisted representative of the cadet Regimental Commander, and as such, he/she heads the enlisted chain of command of the entire Regiment. He/she maintains a close relationship with the company first sergeants and other key senior NCOs. with a view to keeping a pulse on NCO and enlisted morale. He/she advises the Regimental commander on all aspects of enlisted personnel. The CSM is responsible for the management of the Regiment's promotion/reduction point program. The CSM is also responsible for this Regiment's "Cadet of the Year Program" and as such will preside over all selection boards. The CSM sets the example among all the enlisted members of the Regiment and in doing so, exemplifies the highest standards of appearance, personal conduct, maturity, and judgment. The CSM will also supervise the color guards and be ready to take the place of anyone, as alternate, in any color guard.

Brigade Deputy Officer (BDO) - C/CPT Eric Beltejar
This staff officer is responsible for the coordination of all staff actions between and Brigade Regimental HQ's. He/she attends all Brigade meetings and reports back to the SAI all items covered at the meeting. He/she represents the Regimental Commander as a member of the Brigade Staff with whatever associated staff function they are assigned. They are responsible for maintenance of the Brigade board in the hallway.