The Procter R. Hug High School Army ROTC Battalion was first organized simultaneously with the opening of the high school in September of 1968.

The training program in the earlier days consisted of a variety of subjects, primarily physical conditioning and drill. Today less than half of the instructional time is devoted to drill. The entire program is well balance between drill on the parade field and classroom instruction, which is in strict conformity to the Department of the Army training guidance. Today's program emphasizes leadership development, competition, and campus and community involvement with the goal of better equipping the student/cadet for leadership challenges in all walks of life.

Very little substantial information is known about the "Hawks Battalion" prior to the 1977 due to an absence of record keeping. The battalion really seemed to mature and come into it's ow with the arrival of LTC(Ret) Semmens who energized the battalion and gave direction and purpose. What is known is that early on some Hug's cadets were already setting the high standards that we still can observe today. The first Brigade Commander was from Hug High School and since that first assignment Hug has provided the majority of the Brigade Commanders.

DUring the school year 1981-1982 a satellite program was started at Gerlach, Nevada, with responsibility given to the proven leadership of the "Hawk's Battalion". The advent of the Gerlach Detachment was the initial justification for the third instructor at Hug High School. However, since that first year, Hugs opening enrollment alone has been sufficient to justify the third instructor. The "Hawk's Battalion" fielded the first state Varsity Rifle Team under the two excellent coaching of CSM Klinger. The rifle team was state champions two years in a row and since the arrival of CSM Klinger had continued to be a strong competitor.

The battalion takes great pride in being both innovative and trend setting. During the school year 85-86, due to the urging of CSM Klinger and the support of the LTC Semmends both an NCO Academy and an Officer Candidate School were established as a part of the "Hawk's Battalion's" ongoing quest for excellence. The NCO and Officer Candidate schools were terminated in SY 2004-05 because excellent leaders were unable to attend the courses and it restricted the ability of some to advance in our program. In school year 89-90 the battalion again broke new ground by instituting, with the assistance of Mr. Whellams, the Vice-Principal, a special period for all of the extra-curricular activities/teams. What was unique was that now cadets could earn full academic credits for their extra effort. This program has since been canceled.

"The "Hawks Battalion" has earned the coveted designation of the HONOR UNIT WITH DISTINCTION, the GOLD STAR, on a continuous basis and expects to retain this honor throughout the Battalion's proud history. During the Annual Formal Inspection of school year 81-82, the battalion earned a perfect 100 percent. This was the FIRST in Fourth ROTC Region although other battalions have since done so. During the school year 88-89, during an "Off Year" Inspection, the battalion again achieved a perfect 100 percent.

Enrollment has grown to such an extent in the 2009-10 school year that the battalion has been reorganized as a Regiment with two battalions. Each Battalion the 1st and 2nd will have a Battalion Commander and small staff of an S1 and S4. This will allow us to retain more of our outstanding senior cadets by providing them with greater leadership responsibilities. We have also reintroduced the OCS/NCOS program during the first four weeks of school where our leaders must demonstrate their preparation for leadership.

The Hawks Regiment has created a proud and envious history. It will continue to do so in the future. As a member of this Army JROTC Unit, you have every reason to be proud of this battalion's heritage, accomplishments and the high esteem in which the "Hawks Battalion" is held throughout the community and the United States Army Cadet Command. Your positive attitude, dedication and commitment to our high standards and commitment to excellence, and your sincere application of your best is expected and required in order that these high standards continue to be maintained. The Hawks Truly soars above the rest and the Hawk's Corps of Cadets above all the rest.