Color Guard
The Color Guard represents the cadet corps and Hug High School at many formations, reviews, parades, athletic, and official events throughout the year. All cadets are eligible to volunteer for the color guard provided they meet the following requirements:

  1. Physically capable and presentable of the highest standard of military appearance while wearing the uniform.
  2. No discipline or conduct problems
  3. Willing and able to attend practice before school
  4. Having the desire, motivation, and capability of becoming a member
  5. Be willing to present the colors at athletic and official events after school hours, to include evenings and weekends.

Color Guard Commander - C/CPT Eric Beltejar
Adviser - CSM Albin
Left Sentinel - C/1LT E. Prisciliano
National Flag - C/CPT E. Beltejar
State Flag - C/1LT J. Prisciliano
Right Sentinel - C/CSM J. Beltejar



(Left to Right)
C/1LT E. Prisciliano , C/CPT E. Beltejar , C/1LT J. Prisciliano , C/CSM J. Beltejar

The Beltejars

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.
                                                                      -Vietnamese Proverb